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A multi functional bot that fits your needs.
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Prefix: v- | Customizable

Valk is a discord bot that helps you in managing and controlling your Discord server with ease. In addition to lots of different types of fun,utility and moderation commands that will entertain users for days. Valk possess a professional website built for a sole purpose which is providing you with ease in managing your server in just a few clicks of a button. As the bot is currently under development, any criticism/suggestions/bug reports would help greatly. You can join the discord support server by clicking here to report these kinds of bugs or use the corresponding commands for that. The bot's updates roll out daily, even though there is only one person working on the bot. Also you can use the v-help command to get the commands of the bot. You can visit the website here.

Thank you and Enjoy the bot!


  • Deni#0274


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