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A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.
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Servers: 2,296
Prefix: !! (customizable)

AdvaithBot is a multipurpose Discord bot.

AdvaithBot has received a huge update with lots of new commands and features! Check them out!

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The prefix for all commands is !! by default. Set a custom server prefix with the prefix command!

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🖥️ System Commands

helphSends the command list or info for a specific commandCommand or module name (Optional)!!help, !!help fun, !!help 8ball
infononeSome info about the botnone!!info
invitenoneSends the link to add the botnone!!invite
mutualsnoneYour mutual servers with AdvaithBotnone!!mutuals
pingnone🏓 Checks how fast the bot is respondingnone!!ping
prefixnoneChange the server prefixNew prefix (optional)!!prefix -
supportnoneSends the link to the AdvaithBot servernone!!support

🤣 Fun Commands

8balleightball🎱 Ask the 8ball a question!Your question (Required)!!8ball is AdvaithBot awesome?
acronymnoneGenerates an acronym meaning for a wordWord or words to make a meaning for (Required)acronym dab
cleverbotcbTalk to Cleverbot!What you want to say (Required)!!cleverbot how are you?
reversenoneReverses provided textText to reverse (Required)!!reverse hello
flipnoneFlip a coin!none!!flip
trbmbnoneThat really _____ my _____none!!trbmb

🐱 Animal Commands

birdnoneSends a random bird picnone!!bird
catnoneSends a random cat picnone!!cat
dognoneSends a random dog picnone!!dog
ducknoneSends a random duck pic or gifnone!!duck
duck gifnoneSends a random duck picnone!!duck gif
duck picnoneSends a random non-animated duck picnone!!duck pic
rabbitnoneSends a random rabbit picnone!rabbit

🔍 Search Commands

ddgduckduckgoSearches DuckDuckGoSearch query (Required)!!ddg advaithbot
googlegSearches GoogleSearch query (Required)!!google advaithbot
urbanuSearches Urban DictionarySearch query (Required)!!urban no u
ytyoutubeSearches YouTubeSearch query (Required)!yt @someone

⚙️ Utility Commands

discrimnoneFind users with a certain discriminator (#XXXX)Discriminator to search for (Optional, defaults to yours)!!discrim, !!discrim 0001
embednoneSays what you want in an embedWhat you want it to say (Required)!!embed hi everyone!
hastehastebinUploads code to hastebinCode to upload (Required)!!haste hello
hooknoneSends your message as a webhookWhat you want it to say (Required)!!hook hey everyone check out [AdvaithBot](
portmanteausnoneMake portmanteaus with a provided wordWord to make portmanteaus with (Required)!!portmanteaus hello
reactnoneAdd a reaction to a messageMessage ID (Required), Emoji to react with (Required)!!react 412350313450831874 :smiley:
rhymesnoneGet rhymes for a provided wordWord to get rhymes for (Required)!!rhymes hello
saynoneMakes the bot say somethingWhat you want it to say (Required)!!say hi everyone!
splashnoneShows the server's invite splash screen.none!!splash
imgurnoneUpload an image to ImgurURL to image, or attach image (Required)!!imgur <attach image>
translatenoneTranslate text to any language using Google TranslateLanguage name or 2-letter code to translate to (Required), text to translate (Required)!!translate spanish I am using Google Translate
uploadnoneUploads a file using BiSogaURL to image, or attach image (Required)!!upload <attach image>

📝 Text Commands

For all text commands, the argument is the text to manipulate.

Command | Aliases | Description ---|---|---|---|--- bend | none | ʍąҟҽʂ աҽìɾժ էҽ×է Ӏìҟҽ էհìʂ bubbles | none | ⓟⓤⓣⓢ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ ⓘⓝ ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ fliptext | none | uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ sdılɟ mirror | none | ƚxɘƚ ꙅɿoɿɿim tiny | tinycaps | ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ᴛᴇxᴛ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛɪɴʏ ᴄᴀᴘꜱ zalgo | creepify | m̷̳͌a̴̱͛k̷͇̐ë̵̥́s̶̰̀ ̴̨̇z̶̙̆a̵̝̓l̴͇̀ǧ̸̯o̸̞̅ ̶́͜ť̵̤ë̸̼́x̸̯̊t̷̬͒

ℹ️ Info Commands

botinfononeShows some information about a provided bot.Bot mention or ID (required)!!botinfo @AdvaithBot#2249
serverinfoserverShows some information about the server.none!!serverinfo
userinfouser, uinfoInformation about a user or yourselfUser mention or ID (optional)!!user @advaith#9121

🔨 Moderation Commands

CommandAliasesDescriptionArgumentsExampleRequired Permission
banb, bean, banne, banhammerSwings the almighty ban hammer on a user 🔨User (Required), Reason (optional)!!ban @advaith#9121 spammingBan Members
freezenoneBlocks everyone from sending messagesNone!!freezeManage Roles
kickkKicks a userUser (Required), Reason (optional)!!kick @advaith#9121 byeKick Members
purgep, clear, pruneDeletes a specified amount of chat messages.Amount of messages (Required)!!purge 2Manage Messages
rolenoneAdds a role to or removes a role from a user[add or remove] (Required), User (Required), Role (Required)!!role add @advaith#9121 Awesome PeopleManage Roles
unbanunbanne, unbean, unbanhammerUnbans a userUser (Required), Reason (optional)!!unban @advaith#9121 is gudBan Members
unfreezenoneUnfreezes your servernone!!unfreezeManage Roles

🔗 URL Shortener Commands

For all URL Shortener commands, the argument is the URL to shorten.

bisogashortenShortens a URL using BiSoga
isgdnoneShortens a URL using
sketchifynoneMakes a URL look sketchy with
tinyurlnoneShortens a URL using TinyURL
vgdnoneShortens a URL using

😀 Emoji Management Commands

All Emoji Management commands require the Manage Emojis permission.

deleteemojinoneDeletes a custom emojiEmoji (Required)!!deleteemoji :thonking:
emojiuploademojiCreates a custom emojiEmoji name (Required), Image URL or attach image (Required)!!emoji Thonk <attach file>
renameemojinoneRenames a custom emojiEmoji (Required), New name (Required)!!renameemoji :Thonk: thonking

Android Clyde Commands

These commands replicate Clyde's functionality on Discord for Android, which does not support Clyde commands.
All these commands use the prefix /.

/nickChanges your nickname/nick new nickname
/meSends your text as italicized/me eats cookies
/shrugAppends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message/shrug
/tableflipAppends (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ to your message/tableflip
/unflipAppends ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) to your message/unflip


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V it's useless, spoiler for android already exists, unless you mean a command for fun only.


You should add /spoiler to make the message a spoiler for mobile as a Android Clyde Command

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