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A fun bot with Chatbot, Memes, Administration, Utility, Role Management, Levelling, Social, Gambling commands and more
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Prefix: !p or @Panda or customizable

Panda is a developed bot by TheAkashSharma#4233. It is currently still actively developing with more features. Please join our Support server to leave suggestions for us. We would like to hear from you what features you would like to help your discord server.

Panda is your own friendly bot that will entertain your members with fun commands, but also moderate your server with commands to control your server.

Panda can Purge messages. Panda has fun commands. Panda can display a Welcome image for new users. Panda has a Role System Panda has a Economy System Panda can log join/leave. Auto role assignment Panda can do many more...


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