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A bot that can do all sorts of things!
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Prefix: !


This bot was developed by SuperNiintendo, one of the owners and developers of this website.

The prefix for all of the commands of this bot is !

This bot was written in Python using

It has many useful (and kinda useless features)

Including finding Youtube videos by name, encrypting and decrypting leet, searching on Google, a joke command, a command to find dogs and cats photos, and a whole lot more (again, some of the commands are useless.)

List of commands can be found using the !help command.

If you have troubles using the bot, feel free to join my Support Server!

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Enjoy using it! :smile:

print("Thank you!")
console.log("Thank you!");
package main

import "fmt"
fmt.Println("Thank you!")


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Pretty decent bot, better than most common bots today.

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