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Answers to the most frequently asked questions


What is Discord Bot Reviews?

We are another bot listing that list bots but more unique than most common bot listing sites.


How did we make this?

It's made with Node.js, a Javascript runtime designed for backend use.


Why did we built this, even though it's not going to really succeed?

1. It's just for fun.
2. Why not give it a shot?
3. It doesn't cost money anyway.


How hard did we work on this?

Not very hard, was easy to make.


How many people are involved in making this?

3 people worked on this website.


Are we hiring moderators and reviewers?

Staff applications were closed on 13th January. Come back sometime again in the future.


What do badges/do mean?

Head over to badges page to see what they are & what they do.


Do we have a certification system?

Yes we do, head over to certification page to see the requirements & how to apply.


I logged in, why can't I see my user page?

The website fetches your information from the server, so you must join the server to see your page.


Do we provide APIs?

Yes, we do. Click here for more information about the API.


Do we require owners to be in servers to keep their bot listed?

Bot owners must be in our server during the approvals, so this means when they submit their bot, they must be in the server while it's still awaiting approval, you can leave the server once your bot has been verified/declined.
As of 22.12.2018, we no longer require owners to join the server in order to get verified!


Do I need to put the widget on my website/github in order to get certified?

No, you don't. It's your choice if you want to put our widget on your website or GitHub repository.


Can my bot get un-certified?

Yes, it can. If your bot stays offline for too long (5 hours maximum without a reason provided for that) or falls under the requirements, it has a chance of getting un-certified.


What is commenting and how can I use it?

Commenting is like posting a review/feedback to a bot, check out rules & FAQs about commenting here.


How do I post my server count to the API?

1. Read the API documentation about posting server count
2. Make sure you send {"server_count": "Your server count"} as body
3. Make sure the API token is correct. Get your API token from your bot's page under "API TOKEN" button and that you have set it as "Authorization" header, and not body


Is HTML/Javascript supported?

HTML & Javascript is not supported for normal users, they are only available to trusted bots (not available via certification) which we believe we can trust.
In order to get trusted, DM one of our admins and we will decide whenether to allow you to use HTML & Kavascript in long descriptions or not.

NOTE: You cannot get access to HTML & Javascript just by acting nicely and kindly asking, you have to pass some requirements which you can find out whenether you have or not by DMing us.


The Discord invite is invalid

If by any case the invite link doesn't work or you can't find any that works, you can join using the OUATH page

Left unanswered? Ask your question in our server.

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