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Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

About DBR

What is DBR?

DBR (Discord Bot Reviews) is a botlist created mainly for developers to submit their bots and have it publicly listed.

Who made DBR?

DBR was created by a team of 3 people which can be found under the "Meet the team" menu.

Which programming language does DBR use?

Node.js (Javascript)

Bots, certification and users

How do i get my bot certified (unique)?

Go to certification page and see the requirements. (You must have all to pass certification)

Punishment and Appeals

I have been banned, how can i appeal or request unban?

Bans can be permanent and final decided. These types of bans cannot be appealed.

What types of bans can i appeal or request unban?

You can only appeal for temporary bans and those that are not permanent.
if you have been temporary banned (you will see on the banned screen telling you how long the ban durates) you can appeal after 48 Hours since the ban was issued.
if you have been permanently banned, you cannot appeal for unban. This is a strict decission and something we do not tolerate at all.

Appeal forms are currently in beta. Please wait

I have been falsely banned or moderator was abusing their powers, what do i do?

If you feel like you've been unfairly banned or you think the moderator was abusing powers you may DM an administrator (RaZeFeiXX#5557, DeluxeSmasher7#3700, Deni#0274)

Meet the team

Meet the DBR team!


Website Owner

A man of it's own.


Website Owner

A developer who uses mostly python.


Website Owner

Description unavailable